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Why choose Trinidad and Tobago Police Retirees Association (TTPRA)? We provide social, financial and welfare services tailored to the needs of our members at this period of their life.

Joining TTPRA

Classes of Membership:
  • Full
  • Associate
  • Honorary
  • Life

i. Full Membership

Full membership shall be extended to those officers who served in the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, which shall not be less than fifty-one (51%) percent of the membership. Membership shall be extended to Special Reserve Police Officers, and Supplemental Police Officers.

ii. Associate Membership

Associate membership shall be extended to retired members of the protective services, spouses, and adult children of retired police officers and retired civilian employees of the Police Service.

iii. Honorary Membership

Honorary membership shall be extended to persons, who in the opinion of the Executive Committee, have made significant contributions to the aims and objectives of the Association, or have distinguished themselves in various spheres of community service and national development. Such appointments shall be ratified by the General Membership.

iv. Life Membership

Shall be extended to those individuals who are in good standing and served twenty-five (25) years of continued membership.

Note: Membership in categories (ii) and (iii) above are not permitted to hold office or vote.


  1. The Association shall pay benefits in accordance with its Policies. The member shall submit the original receipts attesting to these claims together with an application on the prescribed form
  2. The Association shall evaluate and determine all claims made by a member on the prescribed form accompanied by the original receipts within three (3) months from the date the claim was incurred.
  3. The Association shall pay benefits to members after twelve (12) months of membership. A member who is desirous of accessing a benefit must be financial and in good standing.
  4. The Association shall pay a Death Benefit to members’ beneficiaries upon proof of death, of such sums as approved by General Membership from time to time. The benefit shall be paid in the name of the beneficiary, if such beneficiary is alive. However, should the beneficiary predecease the member and the member dies without naming another beneficiary, the death benefit shall be paid to the funeral home charged with the funeral arrangements.


The main objective of the medical benefit refund is to assist members in providing enhanced benefits to assist them in recouping some of their monies expended on their medicals. The following are the current benefits

  1. Refund of Medical Test/ Treatment to a maximum of three thousand five hundred ($3,500.00) dollars annually.
  2. Refund on Eye Test to a maximum of one hundred and fifty ($150.00) dollars, and eyeglasses to a maximum of three hundred and fifty ($350.00) dollars, both accessible every two (2) years.
  3. Refund on Dental Examination of one hundred and fifty ($150.00) and Dental care to a maximum of five hundred ($500.00) every two (2) years.
  4. Refund to a maximum of five hundred ($500.00) dollars annually re purchase of drugs.
  5. Refund to a maximum of six hundred ($600.00) dollars annually re doctor’s visit.

How to Apply

  • Complete the Application for membership form.
  • Two (2) forms of valid government issued identification- National Identification Card, Driver’s Permit, Passport.
  • Proof of Address – Utility Bills excluding mobile bills -not older than three months (e.g., T&TEC, TSTT, Cable), WASA bills not older than six (6) months. N.B. If the utility bill is not in the applicant’s name, a coloured copy of a valid government-issued identification together with an authorization letter OR a copy of the lease agreement and a recent rent receipt are required from the person whose name is on the bill. Click here for an example of the authorization letter.
i. Application for membership shall be made on the prescribed form within five (5) years of date of retirement. However, applications for membership submitted after five (5) years of retirement shall be reviewed by the Executive Committee and recommended for ratification by the General Membership.

ii. All applications for Full, and Associate membership shall be supported by such evidence as required on the prescribed form. This must be accompanied by the monthly membership subscription fee along with the one-time registration fee as prescribed.

iii. No membership fees are to be paid by Honorary, and Life Members.

iv. If it is established that an applicant knowingly submitted false or misleading information in his application, the Association shall disallow same, and the fees shall be forfeited.

v. An applicant for membership must be proposed and seconded by members in good standing at any General Membership Meeting.

vi. An applicant for membership will be notified in writing by the General Secretary of his acceptance or non- acceptance. The subscription fee paid by an unsuccessful applicant would be refunded.